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You have either just bought a new house which has no landscaping to speak of or you’re sick and tired of your “so called yard” and are making plans on what you would enjoy seeing coming into being. So what is you really want? How would you like to spend your time outdoors in the yard? Are you the type of person that likes to entertain and party? Are you more of a person who is going to enjoy a comfortable place to relax and read a book while enjoying a cool breeze? Or maybe you love to get your hands in the soil, grow some flowers, or vegetables or maybe even go crazy and grow most of the food that the family consumes. Or if your family is young you might want to put in lots of fun things for you children to play on. No matter what type of yard you plan on having you can do some of it to a great portion of the work yourself no mater what your skill levels might be.

One of the easier ways to design and lay out a yard to start at the house it self and work out for there. You are going to have the backyard plan and the front yard plan. There is have to as far as completing one yard plan before the other and to be totally realistic you might want to start both at the same time. I think however I am just going to confine this article to the backyard, for a number of reasons, one being that no one other then google is going to run across the blog article. So what is going to be needed right out the back doors of the house, a patio or a lawn or both? Be it patio or grass or both you are going to have to level off the ground that comes right up to the house. Now, depending on how large your backyard is this could be a simple to a very large job. Either way you can rent the tools needed if the job is going to require more then a rank and shovel. Where ever you are going to put in grass the ground is not going to need to be as level as where a patio or walk way is going to be. At this point I’d like to make two suggestions, for grass buy and lay down sod. It is so much easier and time saving then trying to sow grass seed and getting it to grow, Do some research and find the best grass for your area and then find a local business that sells sod of that grass. Secondly, go out to one of the big box stores like Home Depot and buy a couple of landscaping DIY books to show and explain how to prepare and make a patio and walkways. This way you are going have some visual drawings to go along with step by step instructions. So much easier.

Maybe I should back up a wee bit right here. Let’s go back to planning what it is that you really want to do with the yard. One of the very first things that needs to taken into consideration is going to be water. Does your area get enough rain water to take care of watering needs of everything you are planning for. If not you are need to put in some kind of a sprinkler and irrigation system to water lawn and any other plantings that are going to go in. So depending on what water you plan on using for any plantings planning for this vital. If the water is going to be coming from your domestic water you will most likely going to need to tap into the house plumbing which can easy or in you own an older home could be quite difficult. Ok, now we can continue with the rest of the yard.

So what is it that you are going to plant? Are the plants just going to selected for artistic reasons? Or are one of the few that likes to get out and get their hands in the dirt for the enjoyment of it, also knowing that working with your hands in the soil is a very calming beneficial activity. If you happen to one of the latter then are you going to need room for trees that will bear some kind of fruit to be consumed or are you wanting more room for cultivated kitchen garden types vegetables? Either one of the above mentioned is going to take up a fair amount of ground but trees of any kind are going require more space then a vegetable garden. If you haven’t already, decide which fruits you like to eat and which ones can be grown in your area and plan out how much room you have so as to figure how many of the trees can be fit into the space you have. I guess what I’m getting at is that at this stage it requires that someone spends time to figure out the amount of space available for plantings and how many of what will fit in that available space.