The primary goal of your garage is to store and protect your vehicle from the elements. However, it is becoming more common for people to use their parking as storage or a work area. The problem, however, happens when it gets out of hand. When you find your garage overflowing with boxes, toys, sports equipment, broken junk and garbage, it is time to clean and organize your garage. Here are six easy to understand steps that will help you take control of your garage once again.

Start by removing everything in your garage and sorting it out. Group similar items together such as toys, tools, sports equipment, etc. Identify items that no longer works are outdated, or that you no longer want and decide to sell, donate, or waste the item.

Having the proper organizational devices can be all the difference between organized space and a disaster zone. Once you have all of your items sorted out, the next step is to determine what storage tools you will need to get organized. Storage tools can be things such as storage bins, tool boxes, shelves, cabinets, etc.

The next step is cleaning. Once your garage has been cleared remove any debris, cobwebs, dust, and other unnecessary garbage. When your garage is swept and organized it enables you to enjoy it more.

Redecorate. All this means is that you’re required to go through and fix what can be fixed and maybe decorate the walls and apply a sealer to the garage floor. Doing small tasks over a short period can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment in your garage and your home also.

Once all the cleaning and improvements have been finished, it is time to replace the items you have removed. Find a place for everything. Keep things you use on a regular basis within easy access, stuff you only use on occasion can be collected under or behind other items. You should label your storage bins, boxes, shelves, and other containers to help you know where things are and to find them easier. Finally, it is necessary to set rules and to implement them. By setting rules such as “Put things back where you got them from” you can help to keep your garage organized.

By understanding the above steps, you will have a neat and well Organize your garage. You will be able to move through your garage with ease and find anything you are looking for in a matter of seconds. And best of all, now you can park your car in your garage if you choose to